About foundation

To improve the livelihood of women and the girl child in rural areas through ICTs in terms of agriculture, health and education fields.

Who we are

Cultural Waves Uganda is a community based nonprofit organization that was founded on the principle of equity by a group of young students..

Right to access. We believe that everyone should have the right to access the information they need.

Our aim therefore is to demystify Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and make them accessible to all, particularly women and girls in rural areas, who are an underserved population.

Our programs are geared towards improving the lives of adolescents and young adults by providing them with the relevant information in the areas of health and education. Registered in Uganda s.5914/7826

Our story

Growing up the founder Kakeeto Henry always had the fascination of using relevant communication channels for changing the lives of communities.

He joined university to grow more in the skills of developing software and meeting young minds to further this discussion. While at the university, we realized the issues in our communities that we originate from and the need to give back to these communities through the use of technology.

CWU started as a volunteer community based non-profit organization which managed to survive with many members, majority of whom where girls and dedicated boys(students), now graduates from different universities including, Makerere University Kampala, Uganda Christian University Mukono, Nkozi University many where from the school of Computing and Information Technology but also involved other intellectuals from other schools who assessed the situation of the living of the rural people mainly the girl child and the women living in Masaka district - Uganda in the context of bridging the digital divide through its many activities, of which includes mostly education, it’s on the verge of moving into other districts of Uganda including; Kumi, Kamuli, Rakai to mention but a few.